Today in Design is run by a team of one—me.

By becoming a Supporter, you're essentially subsidizing the community of 3k+ designers that read it every most weekday mornings—for free. You can think of it like charity if you want but legally speaking I don't think it is.

Factually speaking it isn't.

Either way, there are some costs associated with running things here and I'd love to have a stronger case the next time my wife asks why I'm still getting up at 5am every morning.

And I want to do a lot more with TiD but funds and time permit.

Hopefully though, with your support we can keep working to make TiD better and better.

All you need to do is become a Supporter.

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What do you say?

If you choose to join them, I’ll carve your name in html right next to theirs for all the world to see.